"When my wife and I first decided to change careers from teaching and nursing to over the road trucking, we knew nothing about the industry or where to even begin. Making the decision to leave our jobs and a steady income was quite nerve racking as we spent months researching how to go about the process. When we came across your company online, saw how many years you have been in business, and the amount of people you have trained and placed in trucking companies, we knew we needed to apply to the school.

There are several reasons why we are writing this letter to you today. First off we must thank each and every one of you (from the guys in the office and classroom to the guys in the trucks) for making this such a quick, easy, and successful process. For any outsiders reading this letter who don't know our story let us tell you that it was only a span of 70 days from the time my wife and I sat down to agree to drive to the time we were hired by a large company out of Tennessee; which brings us to our next point of scheduling flexibility. We couldn't believe it when we found out that 180 hours of both classroom and "behind the wheel" training was needed before ever even applying to the company we had chosen to work for. We estimated that between both of us training and working in our current jobs it would take almost a year to even attain our CDLs. However, when we found out that we were the ones making our schedules and able to do so 7 days a week at our leisure, we knew we had made the right choice! Lastly, it was a no brainer when you told us that passing all the written tests and road test that goes along with attaining a CDL was just about guaranteed, with the affordable packages and refresher courses you offer for those who may find the tests to be quite challenging.

In closing, coming to your training school was the best decision we have ever made. Since graduating in mid-December we have logged over 165,000 in all 48 states, we have doubled our income, and our company has reimbursed us the tuition for your nation-wide accredited driving school! We could not be happier with the way we were taken care of at your company. You really did treat us like family. We appreciate the fact that we were able to meet and discuss any issues with everyone that is a part of Jersey Tractor Trailer Training. For anyone struggling with choosing a CDL training program, we must tell you that this one is surely in a class of their own. Thanks again for "steering" us toward out new careers! "

-Brian and Deborah G.

Jersey Tractor Trailer Training - 13