"I just want to thank you and all the staff for making my time spent at your school so enjoyable, the attention given was personalized to my learning ability.

Jerry was a great teacher in class he taught us not only how to pass the written and road test but also valuable lessons as to what was going on in the world of trucking and what we should expect once we get out on the road. He was also very accommodating with the scheduling.

The instructors were also great there were day when I was just ready to walk away in frustration but Spider would not let me he calmed me down and we continued on with the lesson thanks “Spider”, also and all my other instructors Victor, for teaching me to shift, Mike for teaching me how to hold my truck from rolling on a hill, Larry for finally helping me downshift, Gus for having patience when I missed a gear making the turn onto route 17, Spider for the endless hours alley docking, and last but now least Bob for walking me through the basic skills test , also honorable mention to Steve who was great and Rolando.

Thanks to all the office staff Mike, Mr. Pierson and George and also to you Mr. Oliver who when I first came to enroll on a Saturday morning gave me your time to explain and told me your door was always open these are the things that make your school special and why I choose it over all the others.

Wish you continued success in your future."

-Joseph A.

Jersey Tractor Trailer Training - 15