"I am writing you because I had the wonderful pleasure of attending your prestigious school in Jersey Tractor Trailer. I've now graduated but I'd be remiss if I didn't convey to you how great your school truly is. First, your staff inside the building, diligent, helpful, knowledgeable in every aspect. All of whom who keep the business moving forward internally. Howard and George who get the ball rolling for incoming students as it pertains to the paperwork. Mike who is in charge of job placements and leads, Bob and his follow ups to make sure your working and ready to contribute to the trucking industry. Jerry who introduces you to the school explains the basics of the program and lays out tactfully what you need to learn and study to insure your completion of the program, ultimately obtaining your Class-A CDL, and also Dennis who gives you a constructive last minute pep talk on the day of your road test, final pointers etc., which was well needed for some of us who naturally become a bit nervous prior to any exam.

Secondly, my primary classroom Instructor Mr. Antwan Smith. I am a well educated person who has spent lots of time in several Universities as well as several trade schools. I can't recall running across a Professor or/and Instructor that literally has all the tools to get the job done, personable, positive, efficient and clear speaking. His ability to convey his message and lessons to such a wide variety of an audience was nothing short of spectacular. Seeing as how all of us students are different in many ways. Different races, backgrounds, education levels, different ages as well as different attitudes and life styles. Mr. Smith had an uncanny ability to bring everyone together and learn and enjoy doing it. This type of thing for sure, is not easy. I learned, and everyone in my class learned a great deal. He was able to clearly illustrate things that you will need to know out on the road as well as what could happen if you don't know. The use of his training videos and personal experiences was the perfect mix to get the pertinent point(s) across. Not just learning what your supposed to do but also why you’re doing it, this would be the definition of learning. It’s become obvious to me why he's the lead classroom instructor, because he's a great educator and an even better person.

Thirdly, the array of driving instructors downstairs, all were very helpful, and quite frankly experts in driving tractor trailers. Even the instructors that I've never had or only had once for a lesson all were very helpful and encouraging in passing. I can speak not only for myself but many other students after discussing instructors among ourselves as it pertains to who is good or who is better. Clearly, the general consensus was that all were excellent. Victor, Larry, John and the multi-talented Mr. Antwan Smith who is as good on the road as he is in the classroom. However, the gentleman that I had the great honor of spending most of my lessons with, Mr. Placido Martinez. Where do I begin? Awesome driver! He taught me everything he knows and also provided me with personal opinions and experiences about operating a tractor trailer. This was very helpful because it allowed me to put things in context as each lesson came and incorporated more driving. His ability to train me specifically to past the road test first, as well as teach me peripheral aspects of driving that I would surely need moving forward in the trucking industry was phenomenal. Very easy to talk to, always teaching, giving good positive feedback and reinforcement. Mr. Placido Martinez not only demonstrated being a great driving instructor but a good man who wanted to make sure I passed the road exam and was willing to do whatever it took to get me to that point,....in short he cared, and to me that's the true definition of a professional.

Finally, Mr. Bill Oliver you have a gem in this school and the perfect people to keep this institution #1. They all work very hard, super positive and they're all pulling for a common goal and it shows loud and bright. You don't know me very well sir, however it is clear to me that the staff takes their cue from you. I have a diverse background in reference to my employment history, everywhere from the yards of Port Newark and Elizabeth all the way to several different corporate headquarters, and I've never come in contact with an Owner or CEO/President who cares the way you do. On several occasions you've stopped me in the hallway or in passing in your offices just to ask me was everything alright?, Did I need anything?, or more importantly simply how my day was going? You did this with the most genuine and authentic persona. I truly thank you for that and will not forget it. In my experience, gentleman of your stature and character are few and far between and there is no doubt in my mind this is the reason why Jersey Tractor Trailer is so successful and able to change lives for the better. I am proud to be a graduate of your institution Jersey Tractor Trailer..... Thank You again....Mr. Bill Oliver. "

-William N.